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Hodson Holdings is an ever-growing family of business service and web development brands. Take a look at some of our popular brands.

Full-stack website development


Consult. Design. Build. Manage. VR51

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Code snippets and web development journal JournalXtra

For website owners and bloggers

WP Service Masters

WordPress management and tech. support. WP Service Masters

PR & Marketing


Social media management, SEO and web development. VizRED

Linux Security


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Hotshot FAQs

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WP Frame Up

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The Hodson Holdings Story

The Hodson Holdings name began as an idea as far back as Summer 2001 in the mind of our founder, Lee Hodson, while riding an early morning bus to work. The sun was already shining overhead. Lee was trying to decide a business name for a set of ventures he knew he would begin later that year. He needed a name that was non specific to a product or service niche. An umbrella name for a range of businesses. While sat at the back of the bus with his thoughts rumbling away, as they do, Hodson Holdings jumped into his mind: “Hodson” from his surname and “Holdings” because it felt right. He could see the colours: blue and white. He could see the name in use:

“Hodson Holdings”

He played with the idea for a few moments, smiling, and went with it. He liked that the two initial ‘HH’s resemble the frontage of a castle, and that, he reasoned, would be a good logo for the durable and stable business he would build. It would be several years before Lee registered the name with the UK’s Inland Revenue. Life took several twists first. He would work for two more companies in the UK before going to the Netherlands to work in a bonded airfreight warehouse before eventually returning to the UK in to register as self-employed under the name Hodson Holdings in 2007. Now, many years later, Hodson Holdings is the name behind many Internet business brands like VR51, WP Service Masters, VizRED and JournalXtra, to name a few. Born in 2001. Registered in 2007. Our story continues… Will you be part of it?